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 About Me

I believe effective leaders are not just born... they are made and shaped by their experience... the human experience.

As a Retired U.S. Army Officer and a senior manager within the Federal government, I know the challenges leaders face on a day to day basis.  That is why I started my own leadership coaching and consulting firm to help medium-to-small size business owners develop into better leaders and managers to get the most productivity out of themselves and others.


My company provides customers a value-added business solution to address individual and corporate needs germane to leadership. My vision is to provide the market a viable alternative in the development of high performing leaders. The market and academic research show organizational leadership is the decisive advantage in a competitive, dynamic, and sometimes chaotic business environment.


Good leaders are developed through training, coaching, and mentoring--I provide all three of those services in one package to my clients. It is my personal mission to help build a better society through the cultivation and development of mindful leaders. My niche is coaching female executives leading organizations that have to navigate gender and/or racial bias in the workplace.

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Leaders are not born, they are trained, coached, mentored, and developed to achieve impactful results

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I provide tailored leadership development, coaching, and training for clients.  For corporate training  or coaching sessions, please contact me for rates and more information .